Welcome To TPT!!  🥳

Portrait Image of Psychotherapist Heidi Rogers

Welcome To Prism Perspective!

Congratulations on taking the first step to creating a calmer home!

In the next few minutes you’ll receive an email invitation to join the Prism Perspective community in Circle, which is where you’ll access everrrrrything inside PP, including:

Total Parenting Transformation: The definitive guide to meeting your child’s greatest needs so you can start enjoying family time.

SPICY Kids Parts 1 & 2: Your blueprint to parenting a strong-willed, challenging child. can access Total Parenting Transformation.

Our community of likeminded parents: Get all the support, accountability and tips you need to make your Total Parenting Transformation complete.

Plus a lot more…

Also keep your eye out for an email from me containing some important links and info on how to register for your first live TPT Q&A call.

Super excited to welcome you to the community!